Training & Development

Advancesoft conducts specialized training programs in JAVA, DevOps, Data Science & Hadoop continuously conducts research on emerging technologies. It identifies the scope to train people on new technologies to bridge the gap and match with current market trends as well leverage technology to the maximum extent possible.

DevOps Training Program

DevOps training program is designed in 12 weeks and 24 weeks tailored to meet the needs of students and meeting the current expectations in the Job Market. This course is a unique blend which mainly focuses on practices adopting to DevOps Culture and Cloud adoption. Course covers different tools used in DevOps for source code management using GitHub, Continuous integration using Jenkins, Configuration Management using Ansible, Infrastructure as a code orchestration using Terraform, deploy Microservices using Docker and Kubernetes for container orchestration. It also covers Application Monitoring using Telegraf, InfluxDB and Grafana. At the end of the course students will have a problem statements for implementing the entire infrastructure setup on cloud.

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JAVA Training Program

JAVA training program is designed in 12 weeks to meet the expectations of our clients and cope up with ongoing changes in the technology aspects of application development. This course mainly covers areas of Core Java, Relational Database Management System, Web and Business component development. Topics covered in this course includes Core Java, Object Oriented Programming in Java, Packages and Multi-Threading, Java Collections, JDBC, Servlets, JSP, Hibernate, Spring, AJAX and Design patterns, Introduction to SQL server, Stored Procedures and JOINS.

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Hadoop Training Program

Hadoop Training Program is designed for 12 weeks cater to the needs of students and teach them about challenges of existing Data Analytics, Big data Use Cases, Distributions, Hadoop Eco-System and Apache Spark. Topics extensively covered in this course includes Hadoop Cluster and its Architecture, Cluster Setup and Working, Cluster Administration and maintenance, computational frameworks, Managing Resources, Scheduling, Planning, security and cluster Monitoring.

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Data Science Training Program

Data Science course is mainly designed for fresh graduates with keen interest in application development and working professionals who want to improve their skillset with current technology trends. The Course primarily focuses on delivering in-depth and Hands-on Understanding the data, Probability, statistical Inference, Data Clustering, Regression Modelling and Developing algorithms using Python.

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